Whether a property is your family home filled with years of memories or an investment opportunity anticipated to yield a high return, you have certain expectations and priorities in letting it go. I will guide you through each step in the selling process and use my expertise in real estate, marketing, and contracts to make sure that the sale is a success.

1. Determining value.

In order to have a comprehensive picture of the market around your location, I will perform a Comparative Market Analysis of comparable properties sold in the recent past. It is also important to remember that value is not a mere dollar amount, so we will discuss what is most important to you in selling your property. This will allow us to determine a strategic approach.

2. Marketing the property.

We’ve all heard it – “the market is really hot right now.” If a property is priced and positioned well in the marketplace, getting an offer will not be a challenge. But the number one goal isn’t to get an offer – it is to end up at the closing table and sell your property. We will position the property so that you get multiple offers and are able to choose the most attractive one.

3. Monitoring the progress of the contract.

Once you accept an offer, the buyer will want to inspect the property, negotiate for deficiencies, get loan approval, and make sure the title is clear. I will work with the buyer’s agent and other parties involved in order to ensure things are done in a proper and timely manner. We want to make it to that table!

4. Moving out and moving on.

After the closing, you want to walk away from the transaction satisfied that you received sufficient value for the years you spent or the effort you invested in the property. I am determined to make the selling process as hassle- and stress-free as possible so you can focus on your future plans.