There is more to buying a home than finding the perfect property. You want to find that property AND make it yours. There are many steps in the process, but I will guide you through each one and offer my expertise so you can make informed decisions.

1. Determining your needs, wants, priorities, and financial capabilities.

We will sit down and figure out the what, where, when and for how much you you are looking for. I want to know what’s important to you so that I can find a property that you truly love. In today’s competitive market, it is also important to know your financial capabilities and have realistic expectations.

2. Finding a property.

After we nail down your needs and wants, I will be on the hunt for a property that fulfills your specific criteria. It is my job to know what is on the market and I am automatically notified when a new property is listed in MLS. When something pops up, I will notify you promptly so that we can act quickly and have a leg up over the competition.

3. Making an offer.

Yay, we found it! Now we have to submit the most attractive offer that also conforms to your capabilities and timeline. Although offers are presented in a state-mandated format, we can add various contractual clauses and attachments to make your offer more competitive. It is likely that the seller receives multiple offers.

4. Inspecting the property and getting loan approval.

Once the offer is accepted, there are many deadlines to adhere to and tasks to complete. We have to set up inspections to make sure you’re buying what you think you are – or negotiating to fix deficiencies. We also have to work with the lender for your final and timely loan approval. I will coordinate and streamline these processes to make sure we proceed to the closing.

5. Moving in.

We are almost there. Buying a house is a big deal and it won’t be easy. There will be decisions to be made and some inevitable stress involved. But I will be by your side the whole way, offering my expertise and support. Nothing will make me happier than handing you those keys so you can move in!