2018 resolutions

Obviously, February 1st is when all New Year’s resolutions go into effect. As much I like to think any time is a good time for improving yourself or your life, the end of one year and the beginning of another is inevitably a time for some self-reflection and goal setting. So, in the spirit of starting 2018 off on the right foot, I’m going to share some of my resolutions. Apparently, verbalizing them increases the chances of following through — so check in with me at the end of 2018 to hold me accountable!

Be a real estate resource to a bigger audience.

In true millennial fashion, I like to research everything online before I do it — buy a new toothbrush, travel to a foreign city, go to a restaurant, etc. Reading up on something is an essential part of the process and usually one that enhances the experience in the long run. I know I’m not alone in this. Considering that buying/selling a house is such a big step and one that can be quite complicated, I am sure that many people start their research online. Before I became a Realtor, I was pretty clueless about real estate transactions. And to be honest, I never quite found a satisfying source of information on the internet. Especially not one specific to New Orleans or even Louisiana! Each city has a unique real estate market and each state has different real estate laws. (If I learned nothing else in law school, it’s that Louisiana law is the most different of all.) Because of that, it’s easy to fall into the trap of “finding answers” that just don’t apply to our real estate transactions. Even now when I first meet with clients, I find that there is a lot of misinformation floating around.

Well, I would like to be a source of reliable information for those who want to start their search online. They may not be ready to talk to a Realtor or take any actual steps. In fact, they might be totally terrified and paralyzed by the mystery of it all. My goal is to make the buying/selling process less intimidating and dispel some myths. I have learned so much in my 3.5+ years in real estate and continue to improve my knowledge and understanding of the real estate market, transactions, contracts, strategy, law, etc. I want to pass it on to a bigger audience than just my clients. I want someone to be able to find information online that will make them feel more comfortable, even inspired and empowered, to proceed with actualizing their real estate goals. And not just first-time homebuyers, I also want to help current homeowners looking to trade up or investors who want to build a portfolio of rental properties. To meet this end, I’m going to start writing more blog posts here, including an extensive step-by-step explanation of how buying a home works.

Stay in touch with my past clients.

One of my favorite aspects of being a Realtor is establishing relationships with my clients. Whether we work together for 30 days or over a year, I end up bonding with all of them to some degree. I learn about their lives and what is driving them to buy or sell a home. I often meet their families who come in for second opinions. I counsel them through some tough decisions and, sometimes, some disappointments as well. I celebrate with them when that house they really want is under contract to be theirs. I even have inside jokes with them. Eventually, I help them accomplish a milestone — becoming a home-owner or moving on to another phase of their lives.

But so much happens after that sale is complete! Many of my clients have gotten engaged or married, had babies, adopted pets, changed jobs, or renovated the house after we walk away from that closing table. Most of these events are the very reasons they made the move in the first place. Although I do my best to keep in touch, I sometimes fall out of the loop. Therefore, one of my goals this year is to check in with my past clients to see what they’re up to and how the house is serving them. I want to continue to be a resource for them, since I think my job is far from over after the sale. I can recommend contractors and services to them when they need to perform maintenance or make improvements to their house. I can send them monthly summaries of the real estate action in their neighborhood so that they can monitor the value of their investments. There are so many ways I can contribute if I just stay in contact.

Plus, I miss these people!

Do more and stay energized.

There’s a saying that if you want something to get done, give the task to the busiest person. I find this to be true in my personal experience. The more I have on my plate, the more I get done — not just the things I have to get done, but also random things that I have been procrastinating with. There is some sort of critical mass to busy-ness. That being said, I don’t want to run myself ragged either. I want to occupy my time with activities that energize or inspire me to be even more productive. It might be an interesting class that opens my eyes to how to run or grow my business. It could be getting involved with an organization that’s in line with my interests. It could be tinkering around the house with DIY projects. It also includes dedicating time to my mind and body (meditation, working out, getting fresh air, whatever). Mostly, I want each activity to have a purpose and create positive momentum.

I know this is a vague one. I’m working on it.